September 30, 2020


We can provide a range of solutions to simplify your bookkeeping, accounting and taxation requirements. We keep it simple and provide timely, accurate and cost effective advice. Regardless of the issues you may face or the needs you may have with regard to your finance  function, we can help in handling of various issues while monitoring the compliance with the laws and regulations.

· Bookkeeping in accordance with regulations and                       applicable  accounting  standards;

·  Keeping a register of fixed assets and depreciation;

·  Preparation of tax returns;

·  Preparation of periodical and annual accounts and the            notes thereto;

·  Calculation of corporate profit tax;

·  Calculation of VAT;

·  Calculation of withholding tax at the payment of income        to  non-resident  legal entities;

·  Calculation of property tax;

·  Preparation of Serbian National Bank reports (if required);

·  Constantly informing about changes in legal regulations          and their impact on your business;

·  Representation in front of financial institutions and tax            authorities  during  tax audit;

·  Financial analysis, controlling and management reporting;